What Is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a wonderful therapy that promotes healing of the whole person as well as maintenance of good health and the prevention of illness.

Will It Hurt?

Absolutely not! Shiatsu sessions are extremely relaxing.

I Have Medical Conditions. Is Shiatsu Safe For Me?

Any medical or physical concerns will be discussed prior to the session. Many times the therapy will help the conditions.

What Should I Wear?

Loose clothing is recommended. No towels or robes necessary!

How Many Sessions Do I Need Before I Start Feeling Better, And How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Most times youíll notice a difference right away. Depending on the individuals case, weekly sessions may be required for Shiatsu to have its full effect. Once youíre feeling better, session frequency can be spread out more. Like any wellness therapy, itís recommended you have regular sessions to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Is Shiatsu Therapy Covered By My Medical Plan At Work?

Some medical plans have shiatsu covered in their benefit packages, but not all. Check with your HR department or call us and we can try to find out for you.

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