How To Choose My Therapist?

John Wilson is an honours graduate of the Shiatsu School of Canada (Dipl. S.T.), and a Certified Shiatsu Therapist.

CST® (Certified Shiatsu Therapist tm) is the trademarked designation of practicing members of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Ontario (S.T.A.O.).

A CST (r) has successfully completed a 2200-hour (equivalent to three academic years) diploma program at a government accredited private vocational school, or the S.T.A.O. equivalent. Core curriculum requirements include Western anatomy, physiology, pathology, public health, Chinese medical theory, and at least 650 hours of supervised practice including a public clinic setting. This is the highest standard of training for shiatsu therapists in the world, outside of Japan. A CST (r) must also have passed comprehensive written and pratical entrance exams set by the association, agree in writing to abide by the associationís code of ethics and carry mandatory professional liability insurance.

THE CST designation is your assurance of the most highly trained shiatsu therapist in North America.

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