"I could barely walk, was bed-ridden for 3/4 of my day & was on Morphine, twice daily, to help ease my Sciatic pain. As my treatments progressed so did my success! God's healing is definitely working through John's MIRACLE HANDS! I am no longer on Morphine; I can walk without my cane; I am active once again; and can truly recommend John's Shiatsu Treatments 1000 fold! No other treatment has helped!"       Karen A

     "I have slept well for 4 nights, every night since I last saw you, the most that I can remember for a long time. My stomach has not been as bloated and I feel a lot better.

     Many thanks! I am looking forward to another good night’s sleep."

Carol J

Hi John,
    I wanted to tell you how good my neck and back feel today. I have had difficulty with it for years, to the point of feeling like my neck bones were fusing together. The treatment that you did let me sleep like a log--ssoooooo good. I also could hear the neck move, like a rusted spring.......one I haven't heard for a long time.

     When you get back I would like the same treatment. I also spoke to my husband about you and he would also like to see you. He is having some difficulty sleeping and has back issues--(paramedic 25 years).


    Our Curves Bucks Auction was a huge success. I want to thank you for the wonderful shiatsu gift certificate that you gave us. It was once again our most popular item to bid on.

     Thanks again from Curves Uxbridge,


     I didn't hesitate to try the shiatsu therapy.  I have to say that it worked like a miracle for me.  I could physically feel the softening of the tight spots in my neck, shoulders and back that I had carried for years.  I will definitely take more shiatsu sessions from John to take the load off my shoulders......(both physically and mentally).


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